58-year-old Mumbai stage 4 breast cancer patient finds new life

A team led by Dr. Suhas Aagre, an oncologist and hematologist-oncologist at the Asian Cancer Institute has breathed new life into a 58-year-old man Bombay woman with stage 4 breast cancer. The patient was successfully treated with hormone therapy alone.

Doris Lobo, housewife and resident of Juhu, suddenly experienced back pain in 2019. She ruled out the association with age. Much to her dismay, she was not relieved for longer and endured the pain without telling her family. Slowly her health deteriorated and she felt uneasy and uneasy. After examining the patient’s condition, her daughter Valentina took her for a mammogram to her family doctor. Her mammogram showed features suggestive of breast cancer which was confirmed by a biopsy. The diagnosis of right breast cancer was troubling for the family, but the patient did not lose hope. The patient and her family members ran from pillar to post and saw 5-6 doctors who suggested doing tests and biopsies which revealed terminal breast cancer but did not guarantee her survival. the patient even after administering chemotherapy. Fortunately, the patient was referred to Dr. Suhas Aagre who saved her life.

Dr. Suhas Aagre, oncologist and hemato-oncologist at the Asian Cancer Institute, said: “She was an obese patient and her staging PET-CT showed nodal metastases confirming advanced stage IV disease. At the first consultation, the patient and his family were anxious due to the advanced nature of the disease. whether it is metastatic disease, patient reports suggest that it would respond to hormone therapy and chemotherapy can be avoided Hormone therapy is a type of oral pill and has no effects side effects such as chemotherapy.This was discussed in detail with the patient, her daughter and her family.She was started on a single pill daily (letrozole tablet) of hormone therapy which she tolerated well with an excellent response. Failure to treat her quickly could have resulted in loss of life.

She had been fine for 2 years and 3 months when she noticed vaginal bleeding. PET CT showed a uterine mass lesion with controlled disease remnant. She had her uterus removed (hysterectomy) and did not need further adjuvant treatment due to the early stage of the disease. “Currently she is on ongoing treatment with hormone therapy for breast cancer. The patient is doing well but has been asked to lose weight as she has arthritis which puts pressure on her knees. normal and comes for regular follow-ups,” Dr. Aagre said.

“The diagnosis of breast cancer shocked me, while my mother remained strong and did not lose hope. She was determined to be able to fight cancer. Our life changed for the better after meeting Dr Aagre as it was like a miracle. He told us about the do’s and don’ts of breast cancer treatment. Now the back pain is gone, the cancer is treated and my mom is back to her normal routine. We do regular follow-ups with Dr. Aagre every 3-6 months to make sure there are no issues. She even traveled to Goa and enjoys her holidays there. My mother has been cancer-free for 3 years, even after having stage IV breast cancer,” concluded the patient’s daughter, Valentina.

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