A heating device for patients who have had a mastectomy

Like most founders of technology, Kristen Carbone started out by trying to solve the problems she was having on her own. But unlike most of the tech founders, her problem was keeping warm after a preventative double mastectomy.

Carbone founded Brilliantly, a company that helps women make the transition from battling breast cancer to embracing life, which includes a heated bra insert that helps fight the feeling of cold that accompanies implants.

“I was absolutely unprepared for what I would feel like living in my body after having had a preventive mastectomy,” says Carbone, 39, a mother of two whose mother died of breast cancer in her. quarantine. Carbone, who lives in Providence, Rhode Island, herself had a preventative double mastectomy in 2013.

Its reconstruction with implants led to the idea of ​​a product that was launched in June 2021 after nearly four years of research and development.

From mastectomy patient to company founder

“I was constantly embarrassed that my chest was always cold,” she says. “And once I found out how many other women were suffering from the same problem, I wanted to do something.”

This product, Brilliantly Warm, is currently on the market. As Carbon intended, it slips easily into any bra and is controlled by an app, making it an almost invisible solution for women who want to feel more comfortable and warm.

The laptop is fully rechargeable. Once a setting is selected in the app, the laptop immediately begins to warm up and builds up gradually over time. A built-in thermometer on the laptop ensures it never rises above 107 degrees F. The warming patterns are evenly distributed so you don’t get more than 10 to 20 minutes per hour.

Brilliantly Warm was designed with mastectomy patients in mind, but really for anyone who is cold and wears a bra, Carbone explains. Since its launch, the laptop has been used by breast cancer patients, nursing mothers and people with chronic illnesses who are constantly cold.

Carbon’s inspiration for the product is still linked to its mother. “I was dedicated to creating a product that embodied the essence of my mother: beautiful, smart, authentic, no bullshit and, most importantly, warm,” one read on her website.

A single Brilliantly Warm can be purchased for $ 99 and a pair can be purchased for $ 180.

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