A nationwide “Flower Day” organized to support the fight against cancer


More than 12,000 volunteers dressed in yellow t-shirts will deliver yellow flowers with blue ribbons and cancer prevention information pamphlets to the streets of 1,200 cities and towns across the country.

The annual fundraising event organized by the Czech Republic League Against Cancer starts today at 11 am also in the streets of Prague.

This year the money will go to kidney, bladder and prostate tumors.

“When choosing the theme for this year’s fundraiser, we were guided primarily by the unfortunate fact that many more patients in the Czech Republic are diagnosed with prostate and kidney cancer than in other European countries . Let us draw particular attention to risky behaviors, at the same time we call on people not to hesitate in case of difficulties and to consult a doctor without delay ”, declared Michaela Fridrichová, president of the League against cancer.

The minimum price for a flower is 20 CZK, but any higher amount is welcome and will be used for supporting various medical and research facilities, improving the quality of life of cancer patients and campaigns for information to prevent disease.

All donors will receive, along with the flower, a leaflet highlighting the dangers of tumor-related diseases and summarizing recommendations for their prevention through a healthy lifestyle and simple preventive measures.

To support the Prague Cancer League projects, please send a donor SMS in the form of DMS CHP 30, DMS CHP 60 or DMS CHP 90 to telephone number 87 777 or make a contribution to the fundraising bank account of fund n ° 65,000 65/0300.

If you missed your chance to support fundraising or would like more information, you can check out their website at League Against Cancer.

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