AdAlta partners with GPCR Therapeutics on a new cancer treatment approach

AdAlta announced a collaboration with clinical-stage biotechnology company GPCR Therapeutics to evaluate a new approach to treating cancer.

The companies will evaluate AdAlta’s CXCR4 inhibitor i-bodies as cancer therapeutics using the combined GPCR inhibition technique.

AdAlta has an i-bodies panel that inhibits CXCR4 signaling in different ways.

The panel includes the company’s lead drug candidate, AD-214, which has advanced into clinical development to treat fibrotic diseases.

GPCR Therapeutics discovered that the combination of CXCR4 inhibitors and molecules that inhibit other CXCR4-associated GPCRs in cancer can lead to superior CXCR4 inhibition.

As part of the partnership agreement, AdAlta will be responsible for providing its panel of CXCR4-inhibiting i-bodies.

GPCR Therapeutics will evaluate i-bodies as well as a series of generic beta-blocking molecules chosen from its platforms, which inhibit a GPCR, called B2AR.

The studies will assess the effect of combined CXCR4-B2AR inhibition on cell migration, in vitro cell signaling and cell killing.

The company will evaluate the combined inhibition of the compounds in vivo in mouse cancer models, if the studies are conclusive.

AdAlta CEO and Managing Director Tim Oldham said, “Through the program, we hope to demonstrate that AdAlta’s i-bodies, when combined with other GPCR inhibitors, can have therapeutic results. improved in cancer, compared to the typical approach of inhibiting individual GPCRs.

“This collaboration is in line with our strategy of expanding the commercial use of our i-bodies in a cost-effective manner.”

If the studies are successful, AdAlta will have the first option to license and further commercialize the products resulting from the collaboration.

Meanwhile, GPCR Therapeutics will also have a similar option if not exercised by AdAlta.

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