AHN Cancer Institute’s Top Surgeon Opens New Pittsburgh Office

David L. Bartlett, MD, renowned cancer researcher and clinician specializing in advanced surgical treatments for abdominal cancer, has reopened his Pittsburgh practice.

PITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania.– David L. Bartlett, MD, renowned cancer researcher and clinician specializing in advanced surgical treatments for abdominal cancer, reopened his Pittsburgh practice and began seeing patients at AHN Cancer Institute – Allegheny General. Appointments are now accepted.

Dr Bartlett joined AHN in May 2020 as President of the AHN Cancer Institute and began his AHN surgical practice at Saint Vincent Hospital in Erie. He will continue to see patients in Erie, in addition to his practice in Pittsburgh.

“I am excited to begin seeing patients in Pittsburgh and to collaborate with the AHN Cancer Institute’s team of exceptional caregivers to provide comprehensive and compassionate care for current and new patients,” said Dr. Bartlett. “It has also been a pleasure over the past year to work with the AHN Saint Vincent team to care for patients in Erie and surrounding areas, and I am happy to continue to see patients there.”

“Over the past year, we have made progress in taking the AHN Cancer Institute to greater heights of excellence. Our milestones include the opening of the $ 80 million AHN Cancer Institute – Allegheny General and the new Clinical Genomics Laboratory, offering next-generation genetic sequencing that guides physicians in selecting the best treatment. for each patient.

“This year, we will also begin offering patients two very advanced radiation therapy treatments, both available at only a few centers nationwide: the MR-linac and the Gamma Pod. MR-linac offers patients the most personalized radiotherapy possible for their specific diagnosis and the characteristics of their tumor. Gamma Pod, the first radiation therapy treatment designed exclusively for breast cancer patients, delivers precise, high-dose radiation therapy in just one to five treatments. Additionally, we have successfully recruited nationally recognized physicians to join our team and plan to announce more physician appointments in the coming months.

As President, Dr. Bartlett oversees a multidisciplinary team of more than 200 physicians and 500 advanced practice oncology professionals. Clinicians at the Institute provide more than 150,000 cancer treatments to more than 11,000 patients annually at clinical sites in western Pennsylvania.

Dr Bartlett arrived at AHN from the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, where he held several leadership positions in research and surgical oncology. A graduate of the University of Texas School of Medicine, Dr. Bartlett completed a residency in General Surgery at the University of Pennsylvania Hospital, Philadelphia, and a Fellowship in Surgical Oncology at the Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York. He also performed clinical research at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston.

Dr Bartlett has helped develop and perfect new regional perfusion techniques, including the modern version of hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemoperfusion therapy (HIPEC), in which chemotherapeutic drugs are heated and delivered directly into the abdominal cavity for the purpose of to eradicate cancer cells. He is also known for his pioneering research into viral immune therapies.

Dr. Bartlett receives adult patients for the surgical treatment of abdominal cancers, including stomach, pancreatic, colorectal and appendix cancers, as well as care for sarcomas, neuroendocrine and hepatic tumors and peritoneal metastases. Its Pittsburgh clinic is located at 314 E. North Avenue within the AHN Cancer Institute-Allegheny General. Appointments can be made by calling 833-AHN-SONC.

* Originally posted on AHN.org.

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