Best Christmas ever: Rural Pequot Lakes family struggling with brain cancer treatments are showered with gifts

Son Cooper and daughter Claire saw vehicles enter the yard and were the first to greet visitors before running inside to look for Lisa and their father, Matt.

The visitors were a team representing the Best Christmas Ever program and they showed up to shower the family with holiday gifts. Minnesota Traders Co. in Pequot Lakes sponsored the Hanson family.

Ironically, Lisa had watched and “liked” Facebook’s fundraising efforts to raise funds specifically for this cause, but never realized that only she and her family were helped.

“I read about it on Facebook on the Woods to Water Real Estate Facebook page and on Minnesota Traders,” Lisa said.

The woman who named the family said she laughed a little whenever she saw them react to the Facebook posts.

The Best Christmas Ever program helps families who are struggling during what is supposed to be the happiest time of the year. Sometimes these difficulties can take the form of the loss of a house, a fire, or the loss of a family member or job. Last year, the program helped a rural family in Pine River who had welcomed several children into foster care.

As for the Hanson family, Lisa was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year.

“I was for a brain craniotomy investigation at the end of August and was diagnosed with metastatic melanoma and started the process of brain radiation therapy and immunotherapy treatment,” Lisa said. “I had a few other symptoms and problems and ended up having another brain tumor removal surgery.

“Right now I’m about three weeks away from this process and I’m considering other treatments, more radiation, but I feel really positive. Everything is going as it should and we clearly have a great team of doctors. in our corner and a huge support system is going on all around us with family, friends and the community, ”she said.

Lisa is currently recovering from surgery, feels energetic and proactive about treatment. But the treatment is expensive, so the Best Christmas Ever program stepped in to boost the family’s Christmas cheer. There were many gifts specially designed for the family.

Knowing her husband Matt and son Cooper’s love for fishing, a gift included a new collapsible ice fishing shelter, tickets to the Brainerd Jaycees Ice Fishing Extravaganza, and an offer from The Getaway, a nearby vacation rental. , to take the whole family for a ride in a winter all-terrain vehicle equipped to drive anywhere, including open water.

The family was overwhelmed.

“We are extremely blessed, overwhelmed and excited,” Lisa said. “This community is amazing for so many reasons. I am a little speechless but really thankful and grateful.”

The family also received a donation of $ 4,500 to help defray expenses.

Travis Grimler is a writer for the weekly Pineandlakes Echo Journal in Pequot Lakes / Pine River. He can be reached at 218-855-5853 or [email protected]

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