Book co-authored by Yale Cancer Center experts on the war on cancer

Several Yale Cancer Center professors wrote chapters in a recently published book, A New Deal For Cancer: Lessons from a 50 Year War.

Many Yale Cancer Center professors wrote chapters in a recently published book, A new deal for cancer: Lessons from a 50 years war. In recognition of the 50th anniversary of the historic signing of the National Cancer Act, the book reflects on the decades-long battle to eradicate the hundreds of complex diseases that fall under cancer.

Co-edited by Abbot R. Gluck, Alfred M. Rankin Professor of Law and Director of the Faculty of Solomon Center for Health Law and Policy, and Charles Fuchs, MD, MPH, senior vice president and global head of product development for oncology and hematology at Roche and Genentech, former director of the Yale Cancer Center and chief medical officer of Smilow Cancer Hospital, and professor Assistant of Medicine (Medical Oncology) at Yale Cancer Center, the book builds on a 2018 lecture held at Yale Law School, “Cancer politics, politics and law, Co-sponsored by the Solomon Center and the Yale Cancer Center.

Melinda Irwin, PhD, MPH, associate director of population sciences at the Yale Cancer Center,Nicole Deziel, PhD, MHS, associate professor of epidemiology (environmental health) and associate professor of environment, and Linda Niccolai, PhD, professor of epidemiology (microbial diseases), co-authored a chapter entitled “Cancer and public health”. Cary Gross, MD, professor of medicine and director of the Center for Research on Cancer Outcomes, Public Policy and Effectiveness (COPPER), co-authored two chapters entitled “The Fifty States of Cancer” and “(Over) Pay for Care against cancer ”. Eric Winer, director of the Yale Cancer Center, co-authored the chapter “Oncologists’ perspectives on the evolution of clinical care since the National Cancer Act of 1971”.

“This book sets out in clear terms how the past 50 years have shaped where we are today but also charts a way forward,” said Irwin. “As cancer death rates are 30% lower than the peak of the 1990s, to see continued improvements we need to invest in public health approaches to prevent cancer, improve access to care and close the gap. between the disparities in health versus cancer. We do that, and then we dramatically reduce cancer death rates. “

A new deal for cancer publishes on November 16, 2021.

About Yale Cancer Center and Smilow Cancer Hospital
Yale Cancer Center (YCC) is one of 51 National Cancer Institute-designated comprehensive cancer centers nationwide and the only such center in Connecticut. Cancer treatment for patients is available at Smilow Cancer Hospital through 13 multidisciplinary teams and at 15 Smilow Cancer Hospital Care Centers in Connecticut and Rhode Island. Comprehensive Cancer Centers play a vital role in advancing NCI’s goal of reducing cancer morbidity and mortality through scientific research, cancer prevention and innovative cancer treatments.

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