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Cancer is a risk in life that, unfortunately, everyone is susceptible to at some level. Although a healthy diet, regular physical activity, and adequate sleep can be incredibly effective in preventing illness, even the healthiest people can get sick from time to time. Fortunately, the southern gulf is home to some of the most reputable hospitals and health care resources, giving people access to award-winning cancer facilities and programs. Using the latest treatments, individualized care options and full-time support services, beating cancer won’t seem out of reach. Keep in mind that these health and living facilities are some of the best cancer care resources available.

Health care

Thibodaux Regional Health System

A place of hope and healing, the Thibodaux Regional Health System Cancer Institute features an open design with plenty of natural light and soothing decor that creates a warm and caring healing environment. The innovative and technologically advanced facility includes radiation therapy and chemotherapy infusion, medical and radiation oncology clinics, clinical space for visiting oncology specialists, education center, activity center, center diagnostic center, a laboratory, an on-site pharmacy, a conference center and a chapel. The Cancer Institute also further integrates wellness services with the latest treatments.

“When a patient is diagnosed with cancer, we have a multidisciplinary team that works together to ensure each patient receives the best possible treatment,” says Greg Stock, CEO of Thibodaux Regional. “The new Cancer Institute helps foster greater collaboration and communication between physicians and healthcare providers to improve and save lives.

For more information about cancer care at Thibodaux Regional, call 985-493-4008.

Ochsner Cancer Institute

For more than 70 years, Ochsner has been dedicated to cancer research and the development of new cancer treatments, bringing innovation to the fight against cancer, including more clinical trials than anywhere else in the region. At Ochsner, oncologists work with a team of cancer specialists who make a difference in treatment, quality of life and recovery. Ochsner provides services to adult and pediatric cancer patients and their families, from diagnosis to recovery, including the most complex cancers.

The Ochsner Cancer Institute offers cutting-edge technology and treatment options such as precision therapies and early tumor detection so patients don’t have to leave the state for high-quality cancer care. The institute’s integrative oncology program, when combined with traditional therapy, treats the whole patient, not just the cancer.

The Ochsner Cancer Institute has comprehensive cancer centers in Baton Rouge, New Orleans, St. Tammany Parish, Lafayette, and northern Louisiana. To learn more, visit

Retirement home

The Bucktown Peristyle

Located at 1443 Seminole Avenue in the heart of Bucktown, Peristyle at Bucktown is the newest of the Peristyle Homes located just one block from Lake Pontchartrain. Peristyle Residences offer assisted living and memory care in the comfort of luxurious, intimate homes with private bedrooms. At Peristyle at Bucktown, the best of both worlds is at your fingertips. The Bucktown Peristyle offers senior care services in a real residence that larger assisted living communities can emulate, but never quite compare. Peristyle Residences pride themselves on providing the highest level of care, comfort and compassion for seniors, providing peace of mind to their loved ones.

The Bucktown Peristyle is specifically designed and built for people with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia and is now accepting priority reservations. Schedule a visit today at or by calling 504-285-5188.

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