Cancer patient waits 8 hours to meet CP Sanjay Pandey, seeks action as goons take over her shop

A 77-year-old cancer-stricken widow said she knocked on the doors of senior police officials to get her small picture frame-making workshop back, which was forcibly taken over by local goons on Sunday afternoon. The elderly person, Nisreen Unwala, said his family had operated the store for 25 years from the Chunawala compound in Kalina.

As her store was illegally occupied, she immediately went to the local police, but they refused to take her complaint, Nisreen claimed. Afterwards, she paid a visit to the Crawford Market Police Commissioner’s office. She even camped outside the office on Monday afternoon and waited eight hours to meet with police chief Sanjay Pandey. Finally at 9:30 p.m., she saw Pandey leave the office. She rushed to him and described how illegal squatters led by a Taufiq and a few ladies broke the locks on the store. They took it by force, claiming to be the new owners of the workshop, she added.

Speaking about her interaction with Pandey, Nisreen said, “Commissioner Pandey Sir was very kind and heard my complaints. He asked his staff to look into my grievances and approached Vakola Police Station to take my complaint. However, when she went to the police station on Tuesday, she was made to sit for 10 hours “despite her poor health” and was told to come the next day, she alleged.

As requested, she went to the police station again on Wednesday, with all the documents apparently showing how her late husband had been the shop’s tenant for 25 years. After his death, Nisreen and his son-in-law took over the workshop in 2014 and paid regular rent to owner Harish Mehta.

“We have taken her complaint and filed an FIR against the accused. An investigation is ongoing and strict action will be taken in accordance with the law,” Inspector Rajesh Shinde said. While Nisreen lamented that she is tired legal hurdles and paperwork demanded by the police. “My bread and butter has been ripped off. My workshop has been forcibly taken by strangers, who claim to have bought it. But the police are not helping me.”

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