Caroline Owens, Clinical Nurse Specialist

The following comments were made about Caroline in the nominations. The judges named her a very deserving winner and said the comments made about her showed how she represented the principles and behaviors of The Christie.

“Caroline works as a clinical nurse specialist within the plastic surgery team. This involves being the key patient-appointed stakeholder throughout their surgical journey, from their first visit to the plastic surgery team through to She accompanies hundreds of patients every year through their surgery, both in preparation and in recovery, a position she has held since 2008 and who regularly declares how much she loves being there for her patients. .
“Caroline is a highly respected member of the plastic surgery team. She is well-liked by her other colleagues at ICS, the consultant team and her patients. She will always go above and beyond to ensure that defends and cares for her patients.
“Apart from work, Caroline is a mother to her 2 children (Brooke and Ronnie) and her dog (Hunter) and devotes her free time to “mum duty”. She and her daughter enjoy going to the stables where they take care of a pony in his spare time.”

– Lorna Brown, matron/manager

“After being diagnosed with melanoma and undergoing a larger excision, I received the most amazing care both during the procedure but also during the following five years of follow-up. Despite other challenges facing the health services, care before and throughout the COVID-19 pandemic remained consistent and a phone appointment was as detailed as possible to ensure I was also following my own lymph node self-checks etc. I knew I would just have to make a call and get the reassurance/counseling I needed outside of any scheduled consultations.
“The incredible follow up continued until my discharge date. Although I have always considered myself one of the lucky ones where early diagnosis and treatment resulted in the best possible outcome, I cannot say at how amazing Caroline has been..
“It has always been my intention to nominate Caroline in recognition of the treatment, support and care I received, which far exceeds the focus on the clinical elements of care/aftercare, which all teams at clinicians are not able or willing to offer.After losing so many family members to cancer, this proves that early diagnosis and the quality of care provided by Caroline makes all the difference.
“As my family and I continue to support the work of The Christie in any way we can, I would like to acknowledge Caroline; it is clear that she has found her calling and is not just providing a role/job description She goes above and beyond every day, not only to meet but also to overcome the many challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought.
“Thank you Caroline – you will never know how much you have touched my life and my family and I thank you.”

– Claire Cooper, patient

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