Doc’s iron will for Iron Man

When not pursuing their profession, a race of doctors prefer to wear different hats to stay fit and centered. the HEALTH PIONEER try to catch up with them every week.

What started as a hobby in 2010 – competing in the 5km class at the Airtel Marathon – has now become a passionate hobby for the 48-year-old doctor.

Dr. Hariprasad G, Additional Professor in Department of Biophysics, AIIMS, Delhi, has since then even successfully completed the Olympic Triathlon (1.5km swim, 40km cycle, 10km run) a few times in less than three and a half years. hours.

His thirst for a greater challenge unquenched, he is now preparing for the Half-Iron Man Triathlon championship (1.9 km swim, 90 km bike and 21 km run) to be held this end of the year at the complex. Talkatora-SPM swimwear. Between this trip, Dr. Hariprasad went from running 5km to 10km then to a half marathon and finally to a full marathon of 42km, which he comfortably completed in four and a half hours.

He has participated in several marathons including Mumbai, Standard Chartered Singapore, New Delhi and Omaha to name a few. The most recent was the Hyderabad Marathon, which Dr Hariprasad recalls was quite a challenge given the number of steep flyovers in the city along the way.

Hundreds of colorful medals from all these events and the many glittering gold medals adorn the living room walls of this clinician-scientist who, with his team, is currently investigating the AZ of the Omicron virus.

The father-of-two who balances work-family-friends-endurance training shares: ‘I mix a lot of physical activities like walking, jogging, sprinting, swimming, biking, stair climbing, yoga, core exercises, jumping to get the most out of my heart, mind and body.

Every event is a learning curve and the challenge only gets bigger and bigger with each passing year, says the doctor who did his MBBS from a Karnatak Medical College, Hubli and later did his Ph.D. in post-graduate medicine and subsequently a PhD from AIIMS, Delhi. His inspirations are sports legends such as Phelps, Dressel, Ledecky, Djokovik, Federer, Nadal and Kipchoge!

Of course, behind all these achievements are her rigorous efforts, a strong will and above all the support of her family, in particular her better half Roopa, herself a doctor who is interested in the prevention of cervical cancer. at the National Institute for Cancer Prevention and Research, Noida. She also acts as his nutritionist and personal chef, and makes sure he gets the right mix of food in the weeks leading up to the endurance event, during the race and after the event. As a general rule, he usually eats healthy, unprocessed foods cooked at home and avoids packaged foods quickly. Even delicacies, whether pani puri, dosas, tacos, pastas, pancakes, waffles and desserts, are given a delicious yet healthy twist in Dr. is what helps him in the “long term”, he laughs.

“We always have a choice and end up with the easiest. I decided to change that,” jokes the doctor, adding that “don’t give up on your dreams, because you have no idea what you are capable of.

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