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She has been a member of 1st Theater Sustainment Command since November 2020, helping civilian employees on board and ensuring accurate time and attendance records and earned leave.

These are just a few of the things Human Resources Specialist Janet Laufenberg does here to help civilian employees.

She also organizes training events, helps troubleshoot problems with the automated time and production system, as well as verifying and certifying these records every pay period, and can help correct time off. She is available to help employees set up their Department of Defense performance management and evaluation program, ensure that records and data are incorporated into military employee records, and respond questions about benefits and retirement.

Laufenberg has a lot of knowledge gained from working in army human resources for so many years.

“I like working for the military and supporting the troops because that’s what we do at the end of the day,” Laufenberg explained.

She started working for the military at the age of 19 and has worked there ever since.

Not far from where Laufenberg grew up with nine siblings in rural Ontario, Wisconsin, she has spent most of her career working for the Army Civilian Personnel Advisory Center. in Fort McCoy, Wisconsin, doing similar work to the one she does here.

Fort McCoy is now temporarily home to the largest group of Afghan refugees in the United States. Nearly 13,000 special visa applicants and their families live at the fort while they undergo a medical assessment and their documents are processed to stay in the United States

In May 2018, Laufenberg left Fort McCoy for Kentucky where she joined the Louisville CPAC and worked primarily with the US Army Corps of Engineers. She now lives in Louisville and is still finding things to do in the city.

Laufenberg joined a bowling league in the Main Event when she moved here. However, the COVID-19 pandemic put an end to this. She can still boast of having a top level 201, however. She has since played golf on a few courses in Louisville and hopes to try the Fort Knox course.

A longtime athlete, Janet played softball and volleyball in her youth. Now, when she’s not bowling or golfing, she spends time exercising in the gym or just walking.

Laufenberg has a son, Colin, who just turned 26. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in health and is currently working at a Milwaukee area medical facility. When asked which Wisconsin football team are you defending?

“Colin is with his Vikings team every football season, while I support the Packers! ” she said.

Laufenberg is happy that Colin makes a point of returning to visit his grandmother as often as he can to stock up on homemade pastries.
Helping others is something Laufenberg learned from his parents.

“I remember the Amish coming to the house and daddy driving them where they needed it,” she shared. “He didn’t care what time of day.”

Laufenberg has this same trait of generosity and has done a variety of volunteer and supportive work throughout his life. She joined the Sparta, Wisconsin, Women’s Club and helped raise funds for the Save Second Base breast cancer research center at the University of Wisconsin.

“I enjoyed doing it and they invited us all to visit the facility which was really an amazing place,” she said.

She also bought supplies and clothes for children in need of a helping hand in Sparta and helped the local chamber of commerce.

“I love helping others and I love going out, meeting other women in the community and getting involved in the city,” Laufenberg said.
Laufenberg also volunteered here in Louisville.

“When I first moved here, I had some free time, so I volunteered to help at the Special Olympics in Louisville,” she explained. “I grew up knowing that I can always help someone else.”

The human resources professional with more than three decades of experience has advice for others working for the federal government.

“Be flexible and mobile,” she shared. “You should be prepared to relocate or deploy when needed. “

She said it’s important to have this flexibility to travel for a promotion. This is one of the reasons she joined the 1st TSC. This allowed him to continue his career progression.

Unity is part of what motivates Laufenberg to continue his government service.

“The military has always had this message that we are all one, and we are here to support the soldiers,” she said.

“It has been quite a rewarding career for the Army. It’s always fun to hire someone for a job they want, but it’s hard to get through something like downsizing.

Additional advice Laufenberg is happy to share includes staying open to changing job streaks. She said people are not locked into a specific job and individuals can have experience if they want a change. She also recommends that people find a formal or informal mentor to guide them through their careers.

“Stick to it and get over there,” Laufenberg said of federal service.

Stop by his office on the first floor and visit Laufenberg with any HR questions you may have or for a friendly bowling chat.

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