Excessive Breast Exposure Can Cause Cancer – Health Specialist

Reproductive cancer advocate Ms. Freda Agyemang Sarpong warned women and girls against exposing their breasts to excessive sunlight as it can accelerate the development of breast cancer.

Ms Sarpong, who works at Grace Homeopathy, said the common practice of exposing breasts to young girls, especially those labeled “queen killers” was a slippery road to contracting breast cancer.

Speaking during engagement with the Ghana Immigration Service Ladies Association (IMMILAC) on ‘Building Capacity and Confidence Through Interaction and Fun’ in the Eastern Regional Capital , Koforidua, she explained that the radiation emitted by the sun, especially on sunny afternoons, is dangerous.

She explained that these solar rays are catalysts that cause changes in the parts of the body exposed to the sun, and the breast is one of the most affected parts of the body due to its exposure to the sun by young women.


Ms Sarpong added that wearing tight braziers was also dangerous for breast health as it restricted blood flow to the breast, advising that it was important for women to allow the breast to relax at home in order to allow breastfeeding. free flow of blood in them.

She urged women to dress decently to cover their breasts in order to avoid exposure to sunlight and to avoid contracting breast cancer from the sun and, as a result, having their breasts cut. or lose their life.

Ms Sarpong urged young women to have breast exams regularly, especially one day after their menstrual cycles, and also to visit health facilities for exams at least twice a year for early detection and treatment. of the disease if they contract it.

“We have to pay special attention to our breasts because any untreated health problem leads to death; because we don’t want to die prematurely, it is important to examine our breasts frequently to make sure they are still healthy, ”she added.

She also encouraged women to allow their partners to massage their breasts every now and then, which she said is a healthy practice for breast support, but warned men to “stop squeezing their breasts. partner because it is a painful experience for women “.


GIS Eastern Regional Commander, Deputy Immigration Commissioner (DCI), Prudence Sosu Azalekor, expressed gratitude to the health experts for their extensive education on breast cancer and other related diseases.

She urged IMMILAC members in the region to have their breasts examined to stay healthy in order to continue their work with the immigration service as good health was needed to perform their duties.

As part of the annual anniversary, IMMILAC hosted a health check-up, catering competition, dance competition, lime and spoon race, ludo and oware competition to crown the award. day with more than 100 IMMILAC members participating in the exercise.

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