Fertility specialist Dr Amy Beckley on home hormone testing for your cycles

How did you come up with the idea of ​​the Proov tests and how did you make this idea a reality?

I was diagnosed with “unexplained infertility”, which basically meant that there was no good diagnostic test to determine what was wrong with me. I later found out that I had an ovulation problem where I was not producing enough progesterone during my implantation window.

I wanted to create a diagnostic test to catch these issues so they can be properly addressed. To launch my idea, I teamed up with another infertile woman and we started a crowdfunding campaign to raise enough money to build a prototype. This campaign was funded in 48 hours.

How do Proov tests work?

Proov works by monitoring the hormones in their first morning urine. Women simply download our free app, enter their cycle start dates, we ask them which days to test and give them a cycle report at the end. All tests are performed at home and the actual hormone values ​​and next steps are displayed to the user in just 10 minutes. This information can be passed on to their doctor to facilitate treatment, allowing women to get help earlier on their journey.

How are Proov tests different from ovulation tests?

Ovulation tests are used to help a woman know when she might be most fertile at the time of intercourse. Proov tests work by monitoring the entire cycle to not only find the fertile window, but also to know one’s ovarian reserve and most importantly, to identify any ovulation issues that could lead to an inability to conceive. We can help women find and treat the root cause of infertility, without the need for invasive and expensive IVF.

How can people use information from Proov tests?

This information can guide a faster route to treatment. Ovulation induction is a simple procedure and is very effective, if properly diagnosed. Proov enables better diagnosis and personalized ovulation induction treatment protocols. It has saved thousands of women from needing expensive IVF procedures.

How is Proov test and app data protected?

We have always been passionate about protecting women’s data. All data is encrypted both in transit and at rest. We have never sold and will never sell data. We follow all HIPPA rules regarding data privacy. Finally, we let women control their data and have enabled a “kill switch” in the app, so if at any time the user wants to delete their data, they can simply go into the app and delete their account. This deletes all records both on his physical device and on our servers.

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