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Alto Specialist is a Newcastle-based clinic that was founded to help people with musculoskeletal pain regain their full potential.

Here to help: Alto Specialist brings together a team of healthcare professionals to help treat chronic pain. Pictured are receptionist Kasey Saunders and exercise physiologist Martin Tisdell. Picture: Provided.

The clinic offers a streamlined process for patients with musculoskeletal conditions to provide coordinated multidisciplinary care to manage the journey from assessment, diagnostic evaluation, treatment and self-management.

Their team of professionals brings together their skills to provide comprehensive musculoskeletal pain management in one place.

Alto Specialist was born out of the realization of a gap in truly integrated, centralized care for patients with chronic musculoskeletal pain.

“After hearing many stories of patients struggling to find answers and effective treatments for their cause of pain, we decided to open a medical practice where patients had access to multiple types of healthcare professionals under one roof. roof,” said Alto’s lead exercise physiologist, Martin Tisdell. said.

“Our medical specialists and allied health professionals work together to help patients find the answers and develop an appropriate treatment plan.

“Our service provides a streamlined pathway for patients with chronic pain.”

Alto Specialist’s multidisciplinary team includes Interventional Radiology, Orthopedic Surgeon, Exercise Physiologist and Massage Therapist along with a comprehensive recovery journey to help patients who have injuries and are unsure where to go next .

Mr. Tisdell begins with a thorough consultation to gather information about the patient’s pain and works closely with interventional radiologist Dr. Ebrahimi to create a recovery plan.

“Our team is doing everything they can to make sure you get the best care we can give you,” he said.

“We work with you to bring your quality of life back to where you want it”

Appointments do not require a doctor’s referral for patients who have had continuous pain for more than three months.

Patients can simply self-refer and schedule an appointment without any hurdles.

“It saves people time and money when they are in pain,” he said.

One of the main differences at Alto Specialist is the use of multidisciplinary teams.

“Multiple discipline teams are used in hospitals for patients with health conditions such as cancer to achieve better outcomes and we wanted to emulate this approach for those with the disease,” he said.

“Pain is complex and working with different healthcare professionals gives us the best opportunity for successful treatment.”

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