Five questions to… Corinne Levy, intervention specialist

As an intervention specialist for Stark County Educational Services CenterCorinne Levy has been teaching students with multiple disabilities for 15 years.

She has worked with Plain Local Schools starting with Glenwood, then Oakwood and now GlenOak High School. She was also an Adjunct Professor at Walsh University from 2018-2020.

“I love what I do, but I’m always looking to expand my skills and I’m open to opportunities, whether directly related to my field or beyond,” Levy said.

She was born and raised in Jackson Township and graduated from Jackson High School in 2003. She went to Ohio University where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Teacher Education/Intervention Specialist. From there, attended the University of Akron for his master’s degree in instructional technology.

She and her husband, Zack Levy, who is a barber at Daugherty Hair Company in Massillon, live with their son Oscar and daughter Carson in Jackson Township. The family has two goldendoodles, Bernie (Kosar) is 12 and Otto (Graham) is four.

In addition, she sits on the board of directors of the Mickey Stachel Foundation as secretary since its inception in 2013. Stachel died after battling sarcoma on August 19, 2012. He was 28.

“I participate in planning, fundraising and donation requests and the general operation of the Swing and Strut for Sarcoma event,” Levy said. “Mickey was a friend of mine in high school. He was a grade above me and was one of the funniest and most engaging people I’ve ever met with his larger than life personality.”

Swing and Strut for Sarcoma is a fundraiser for sarcoma cancer research and awareness. It is slated for its ninth year starting at 9 a.m. on August 7.

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Corrine Levy is shown with her children Oscar, 10, and Carson, 8, at the Raintree Golf and Event Center in Green.  Levy helps raise money for the Mickey Stachel Foundation, which will host the ninth annual Swing and Strut for Sarcoma fundraiser on August 7 in Raintree.

How long have you been involved in fundraising for cancer research with the Mickey Stachel Foundation?

I have been helping the foundation since its creation. I got involved because I love Mickey and was devastated when he died of sarcoma, a rare cancer.

I also have a special relationship with his sister, Anna, and I was happy to lend her a hand to support her initiative. I love helping people but also organizing, planning and helping the event come to life.

I have continued to help each year because the event supports an important cause. The event is a wonderful way to raise awareness and funds for rare cancer research that is not government funded.

Each year, some of the participants were close friends of Mickey and some never knew him but still want to support the cause. And every year I’m amazed at the joy and energy of the event and the amount of money we raise.

In total, we have raised over $100,000 to fund new immunotherapy treatments. Additionally, we have begun awarding two small scholarships to volunteer high school students in the Stark County area. The committee members are all volunteers and played a vital role in the success of the event.

We think it’s a way to recognize and support that spirit.

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What other events do you help fundraise or volunteer?

I serve on the local Professional Development Committee to review professional development courses and activities offered and delivered by educators and ensure that licensing requirements have been met.

I believe that the performance and standards of our teachers are critical to the success of our children’s future. I also think it is important to give students the opportunity to enjoy their educational journey. So I like to help them with their milestone activities including the Stark County ESC prom, GlenOak HS graduation, and the Jackson Basketball Polar Bear Classic.

Plus, I’m happy to donate for anything that comes along, from children’s sports and school to supporting a group of parents who adopt a family each year. I attend events and donate for the outstanding Olympics.

My kids are involved in a lot of activities, so being their cheerleader is my number one job.

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What is your personal motto when it comes to helping raise funds for a good cause?

My motto is why not. I work with students who have special needs and their families, and I see them struggle every day.

I have been blessed and lucky in my life not to have gone through a difficult time or situation. I know that my family, my friends and my community would support me if I needed it, so if I am able to help others, I will.

Why do you think Stark County residents respond so well to fundraising events?

Citizens of Stark County have a servant leadership role. They care deeply for each other. They see a need and they are ready to step in and help.

It’s also a small community with lots to do, so it’s easy to connect with each other. They see the connections and want to help each other. They can also see the results of their support.

Fundraising is a golf and walking event, what are your favorite sports activities?

My favorite sports to watch are Oscar’s Jackson Silver football team; Oscar’s Travel Basketball Team; Oscar’s lacrosse team; the Carson softball team; and Carson in karate!

I love watching them grow in their sports and watching their friendships grow. Other than that, it’s Browns all the way.

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