Genesis Biotechnology Group acquires Montclair Breast Center


HAMILTON, New Jersey, August 4, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Genesis Biotechnology Group® (GBG) and its new healthcare division – Genesis Health ™, today announced the acquisition of New Jersey-based Montclair Breast Center (MBC). Founded in 1989 by Nancy Elliot, MD, FACS, MBC is a multidisciplinary institution providing specialized diagnostic and treatment services for breast health by radiologists and surgeons dedicated solely to breast welfare, breast cancer prevention and treatment of breast diseases.

“The acquisition of MBC aligns with GBG’s long-standing focus on women’s health which dates back to its inception in 1998,” said Eli Mordecai, Ph.D., CEO of GBG. “Adding MBC to GBG’s existing portfolio allows us to expand our services. We are confident that together we will create a more powerful platform from which to deliver proactive breast health services with a focus on wellness, prevention and early detection. ”

“Our aspiration for Genesis Health ™, a newly created division of GBG, is nothing less than building a world-class medical research center exclusively for women’s health. The acquisition of MBC is a perfect start. for this trip “, said Ben Bandaru, Ph.D., Director of Business Development for GBG. “The lingering uncertainty due to the pandemic highlights the need for small and medium-sized physicians to focus on their core business forces, overcome infrastructure and service gaps through viable partnerships and develop a ladder to meet new challenges. ”

“At the Montclair Breast Center, we are passionate about our mission to eradicate breast cancer as a potentially fatal disease in women,” said Nancy Elliott, MD, FACS, Founder and Director of MBC. “Our partnership with Genesis Biotechnology Group will allow us to expand our innovative and revolutionary paradigm of proactive, multidisciplinary breast care, thereby raising the bar for women’s health.”

Bill Adam along with WA Healthcare Associates, LLC served as advisor to GBG on the transaction with MBC.

About GBG
Genesis Biotechnology Group (GBG) is a consortium of vertically integrated companies whose mission is to improve patient care by combining their expertise, dedication and vision in the areas of drug discovery, personalized clinical diagnostics and on measurement, and through the development, manufacture, and distribution of unique biotechnology products.

About Genesis Health
Genesis Health provides state-of-the-art integrated women’s healthcare services through the implementation of multidisciplinary clinical services, state-of-the-art computing platforms, advanced molecular and genetic laboratory testing, and advanced technology. imagery. Through an innovative, personalized and technologically advanced approach to healthcare, Genesis Health delivers superior clinical outcomes to patients.

About Montclair Breast Center
The Montclair Breast Center is a multidisciplinary diagnostic and treatment center for comprehensive breast care. MBC offers proactive breast health services with an emphasis on wellness, prevention and early detection through education, risk reduction and monitoring in an environment that promotes confidence, comfort, dignity and compassion.

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