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Creation: 08 Feb. 2022 08:54

Katie Berry with her daughter Emilia (Photograph provided)

Bermudians have signed up for an international fundraiser for a brain tumor research charity after an island teenager’s story about medical treatment for the life-threatening disease was shared online by millions in the world.

Lisa Winterman, personal trainer and fitness instructor, was inspired by the story of her friend Katie Berry, who left the management of Keep Bermuda Beautiful last month to care for her 15-year-old daughter, Emilia, after doctors in the United States. removed a brain tumor discovered last November.

Ms Winterman, who now lives in England, said the news that Emilia had gone from diagnosis to surgery for a frontal lobe brain tumor was “a real shock”.

She added: ‘When I was living in Bermuda I ran an outdoor fitness program called Baby Boot Camp where I met Katie – we were both pregnant at the same time.

“Later she would come to the program with Emilia in a buggy. We also had our second daughters at the same time.

Ms Winterman attended the ‘10,000 Steps a Day in February’ fundraiser organized by a UK charity Brain Tumor Research as a chance to do his part and his fundraiser raised over ₤2,000 ($2,700) in just three days.

Ms Winterman said: ‘There are so many young children and children going through this.

“It shows that it can happen to anyone. If people want to feel like they’re doing something to help, that’s their way.

She added: “I’m a mum with kids the same age – I just thought I could do it. You feel useless, you can’t do anything.

“I saw this challenge and I thought, I’m going to do it. And here we are.”

Brain tumors kill more children and adults under 40 than any other cancer.

Ms Winterman, who still works in fitness in Marlborough in Wiltshire, launched march for warriors 2022 to raise funds for the Brain Tumor Research charity.

She wrote in an online post to raise awareness of the fundraiser: “For some children with a brain tumor, they may need to relearn how to walk or talk, but for Emilia, her tumor and the operation took away his sense of self and control.

“It’s so rare that doctors in Boston and London don’t know how to help. The medical system is not geared up for rare cases and that’s why research is so essential.

“The more researchers know about brain tumours, how the brain works and can recover, the better the outcomes for children like Emilia Rose.

Ms Winterman said there had already been ‘incredible donations from friends and family in Bermuda, and from some of the girls who came to Baby Boot Camp’.

“The goal is to raise money for brain tumor research and as a fitness person I would like as many people as possible to take up the fitness challenge.”

Ms Winterman called on people to challenge themselves, whether by walking, running or swimming, and said they could create challenges throughout February around Valentine’s Day, walking on the beach and family activities.

Ms Berry, who is in Boston with her daughter, said last week that Emilia had just started a four-week rehabilitation program after the operation.

She added that she had just taken her first 10,000 steps on the treadmill.

Mrs. Berry said it LinkedIn position about Emilia’s health crisis and her decision to quit her job to care for her continued to be “noticed and people are sending words of encouragement from all over the world”.

Mel Tiley, community development manager for Brain Tumor Research, said The Royal Gazette“We were sorry to learn of Emilia’s diagnosis and wish her all the best for her treatment.

“Our hearts go out to Emilia and her family at this really difficult time. What Lisa is doing to support the Berry family is truly inspiring and we sincerely thank her for her efforts.

Ms Tiley added: “Emilia’s story reminds us of the indiscriminate nature of this hideous disease and the desperate need for more research funding to help find better treatments and improve outcomes for brain tumor patients. .

“We wish Lisa and her team of walkers every success in their challenge and can’t wait to see how many steps they manage to take.”

Ms. Winterman asked those participating in the challenge to share their photos via email to [email protected]

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