How this tournament will help cancer patients in Richmond

RICHMOND, Va. — The Annual Cornhole Challenge is back for a fun and competitive event where players of all skill levels will compete for the title of RVA Cornhole 2022 Champion.

“We wanted an event that anyone could attend, and that it could be a family event and something we could do outside,” says Chris Williams, CEO of CancerLinc, the event’s sponsors.

Williams says all funds raised will benefit cancer patients in the Richmond area.

“Our goal is to help local cancer patients overcome the financial and legal hurdles that can accompany a cancer diagnosis.”

CancerLinc was created after two local attorneys struggling with their own cancer diagnosis encountered several challenges, including mounting bills and insurance denials.

“And they realized that even though they had good insurance, there had to be other people who were dealing with the same issues because of cancer and needed help,” Williams said.

For 25 years, CancerLinc has worked with local cancer treatment centers, partners, attorneys and financial advisors.

“Generally, though, you really like wanting an oncologist to treat you for your cancer, you really need a specialist when it comes to legal issues and those big financial planning issues,” says Stacey Tatum, nurse manager oncologist at Bon Secours. , one of many health systems partners working with CancerLinc.

CancerLinc staff and its extensive network of lawyers and financial professionals work daily to ensure that no cancer patient is deprived of needed support services.

The Central Virginia-based nonprofit organization connects cancer patients and their families with legal assistance, financial and community resources and once the connection is made, it can be life changing.

The impact is greater when obstacles are removed.

“Really they are doing better, and they are able once this treatment is finished, they don’t have to go broke. And they have a job that you know so they can thrive even after being treated,” says Stacey Tatum.

CancerLinc’s Cornhole Challenge will take place on May 21 from 1-5 p.m. at City Stadium.

Teams can still register on or before competition begins on Saturday.

Spectators are welcome to come and the event is free and open to the public.

Drinks, food and free parking will be available. A children’s playground is available free of charge. Trophies are offered to the top winners of the tournament.

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