Imaging clinic closes after patients say it missed cancer

Several women told our I-Team that mammograms performed at Watson Imaging had missed their breast cancer

ST. LOUIS – An imaging clinic in southern St. Louis accused of providing defective mammograms to patients has closed.

Last year, the I-Team found several women who claim that the staff at the Watson Imaging Center missed their breast cancer.

One of those women shared her story at the Missouri State House this week.

The FDA warning

The Watson Imaging Center sent letters to thousands of patients last summer, saying the FDA found image quality issues with more than two years of her mammograms.

The FDA has ordered the Watson Imaging Center to stop performing mammograms.

Kristi Howard was in her early 30s when she had her first mammogram at Watson Imaging. Howard said she first went to see Watson in 2017 after feeling a lump in her chest. Howard received a certificate of good health.

Nine months later, she was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer, which she believes her mammogram should have detected.

Missouri’s two-year limitation period for medical malpractice cases prevents Howard from pursuing a case against Watson Imaging.

Now, Senate Bill 631 would reduce the statute of limitations for other injuries from five to two years.

Howard speaks out in hopes of preventing this from happening.

“Living with cancer is hard. Finding out that your cancer was one step ahead of you is bad. Knowing that someone’s mistake is the reason they were one step ahead of you is painful. But the worst of all is finding out that there is nothing you can do to keep I am a victim of not only cancer but a statute of limitations law that has been unfairly shortened, ”Howard said in testimony before a Missouri subcommittee on Tuesday.

State Senator Dan Hegeman sponsored the bill. It represents northwestern Missouri.

In a statement, Senator Hegeman said:

“I sponsored this bill to bring Missouri into line with 23 other states across the country that have a two-year statute of limitations for personal injury claims. This change would put us in line with several of our neighboring states, like Illinois, which have a shorter statute of limitations for these cases. When the current law was originally on the books, we didn’t have the technology to litigate these claims as effectively as we do today. It makes sense to shorten the timeframe and allow victims and businesses to move forward. “

We are told that the bill will likely get third reading and be defeated by committee next week.

It would then be on the calendar of the entire Senate.

After radiation therapy, chemotherapy and a double mastectomy, Howard is cancer free.

According to their website, Watson Imaging closed permanently on December 31, 2021.

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