Kevin Robertson, living with cancer in Ipswich, builds charity house

7:00 p.m. December 9, 2021

A cancer patient from Ipswich built a summer home for a charity for people with disabilities from recycled materials.

Kevin Robertson of Ipswich has come out of retirement to work at the Genesis Orwell Mencap disability charity and won’t let cancer stop his plans to give back.

Mr Robertson built a summer house from scratch using materials he scavenged elsewhere.

Before the Summer Pavilion is finished at Genesis Orwell Mencap.
РCredit: Chlo̩ Appleford

He said: “I love working here. I don’t have to if I don’t want to and financially I don’t need it.

“I love coming here to work. Watching guys have fun is what I love.

“It really is the truth. Looking at them makes me smile.”

Genesis, as a charity, does not have access to a lot of funds to spend on renovations.

So Mr Robertson hosted a non-verbal day to highlight the challenges people may face in the day-to-day communication during which he is fundraising.

Well done on Genesis Orwell Mencap's new summer home

Well done on Genesis Orwell Mencap’s new summer home
РCredit: Chlo̩ Appleford

He did the whole building on his own and donated much of the summer house supplies out of his own pocket.

He used recycled materials wherever he could to make the project greener.

The 53-year-old also installed a canopy flyover and built an outdoor chair.

The summer house is also fully wheelchair accessible.

“Four wheelchairs can fit comfortably,” he added. “Looks like a beautiful garden.

Outside Genesis Orwell Mencap's Summer House

Outside Genesis Orwell Mencap’s Summer House
РCredit: Chlo̩ Appleford

“A nice place for lunch and an open space to use it.

“It needs more paint, but the current building is finished.

“I was so sick that I couldn’t do everything.

Genesis Orwell Mencap said, “He’s one of the most upbeat and cheerful guys you’ll ever meet, and there is no doubt that the empathy and compassion he shows towards our clients is unmatched, his issues health only making him more passionate about making positive and impactful changes in the lives of others.

“He is a credit to himself and to Genesis, we are very fortunate to have such an exceptional member on the team.”

The association offers daycare services in Ipswich for adults and young people with learning or physical disabilities.

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