Local shop helping cancer patients feel better

Miami Valley communities continue to raise awareness for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

A local hospital has a unique feature for cancer patients. News Center 7’s Kayla McDermott visited Kettering Health’s Renew Boutique and Spa which serves women in the Miami Valley as well as other states.

The shop has been part of the cancer center for five years, and Jaime Testa, shop manager, says it’s amazing to be able to help patients every day.

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“It’s overwhelming at times,” Testa said. “To have played such a pivotal role in someone’s cancer journey is heartbreaking and heartbreaking that I can be a part of it.”

She is able to restore confidence in patients because chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatments can often create insecurities.

“One of the hardest things our patients have expressed to us is hair loss because it’s, you know, the visualization of the diagnosis,” Testa said.

That’s why the store has several walls of wigs for patients to choose their favorite, and they can even customize them.

“Choosing a wig is, you know, harder than choosing a wedding dress,” Testa said.

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Another wall in the store is made up of compression bras. Bras help women after treatment.

“It can help with water retention or discomfort,” Testa said. “Radiologists like to put our patients in a compression bra just to speed healing.”

For women who have a mastectomy and do not want to undergo cosmetic surgery or are unhappy with their breasts, there are options for them through prostheses.

“Having the opportunity to wear a prosthesis in their place and being offered a nice piece of clothing to wear that prosthesis is something that is really important for us to meet with this patient,” Testa said.

Cancer patients are also under a lot of stress so they can take advantage of the spa section of the store.

“We offer massage and reflexology to all of our patients,” Testa said.

Testa says the best part of her day is seeing women come in not completely on their own, then come out with all the confidence in the world.

“They’re absolutely brilliant, shoulders back, a new person coming out of them and I get goosebumps at least twice a day from times like that,” Testa said.

The shop also sells support team shirts and proceeds go to help women battling breast cancer in the area.

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