Manav Guru’s Cancer Tips

India is popularly known as “Manav Guru” by millions of his followers around the world, Shri Chandrashekhar Guruji is the founder of CG Parivar, a global organization. Using his divine knowledge based on scientific analysis and special autoimmunotherapy, Manav Guru vouches to treat people with cancer. Autoimmunotherapy is a natural treatment for cancer. This is a one-time treatment that teaches cancer patients to connect to universal energy and holistically supports them on their cancer treatment journey.

Manav Guru helps people connect with universal energy through his divine knowledge. Guidance lasts 2 hours, during which time the patient aligns and opens up to harness the universal energy. Once the patient is connected to the Universal Energy, the Universal Energy begins to flow through the body through the bloodstream and also contributes to better nutrition with oxygen and nourishment (energy) for billions of cells. , including T cells. When T cells are given enough food and oxygen, they get very strong and start fighting cancer cells. Treatment takes around 9 to 180 days to reach its optimal potential, which helps build immunity and allows an individual to better fight cancer cells.

Being a natural procedure, it is free from side effects. Autoimmunotherapy does not include surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, medicine, diet, yoga, or meditation. Even people who undergo other medical procedures can expect a positive impact from this treatment.

With the help of his disciples, Manav Guru, since 2000, has been helping people solve life problems related to education, career, marriage, relationships, wealth, health and many other problems that one may encounter.

Speaking about autoimmune therapy and treatment, Manav Guru said, “Universal energy is abundantly available and accessible across the universe. I am fortunate to be able to connect with it and help people to do the same. It only takes me a few hours to guide the patient to this energy and then it works effectively on the patients and they are able to fight the disease with better immunity and optimism in a short period of time. enable an individual to lead a healthier and happier life. “With the commitment to” solve all life related issues within 9 to 180 days “, Manav Guru has helped millions of people with various life issues In addition, Guruji aims to help and treat different types of cancer patients around the world through its unique “autoimmune therapy”. To view the image, click on the link below: Shri Manav Guruji

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