New CAR-T Clinical Trial Led by Anixa Biosciences Announces Treatment of First Patient With Ovarian Cancer

This week: Anixa Biosciences’ CAR-T clinical trial in ovarian cancer begins with the treatment of the first patient. New era of biomanufacturing heralded by the Mayo Clinic, in which science, engineering and manufacturing are combined to improve clinical care. Hemogenyx Pharmaceuticals announces the approval of a Chinese bispecific antibody patent, as it continues to develop new therapeutic avenues for the treatment of blood diseases.

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New CAR-T Clinical Trial Led by Anixa Biosciences Announces Treatment of First Patient With Ovarian Cancer

Anixa Biosciences (CA, US) announced the launch of its joint clinical trial with the Moffitt Cancer Center (FL, US), aimed at evaluating the safety and preliminary efficacy of a new CAR-T therapy in the treatment of ovarian cancer. However, this phase I study differs from previous cell therapy efforts. Using a chimeric endocrine receptor (CER-T) T-cell approach, rather than targeting an antigen that can also be expressed by healthy cells, the study aims to target the follicle-stimulating hormone receptor exclusively expressed by ovarian cells.

Robert Wenham, chair of the department of gynecologic oncology at Moffitt Cancer Center, said that “with limited treatment options for recurrent and drug-resistant ovarian cancer, I hope this program can provide a unique opportunity to have a significant impact on the patients of this devastating disease.

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Mayo Clinic will work with National Resilience Inc to advance research and manufacturing in areas of cell and gene therapy

The Mayo Clinic (MN, USA) has defined a new strategy to increase its production and distribution of new biotherapeutic products. This new strategy will primarily focus on increasing the availability of biologics, therapies derived from cells, blood enzymes, genes or other sources of human origin. As part of this goal to advance regenerative technologies, the Mayo Center for Regenerative Medicine will work alongside National Resilience Inc (CA, USA) to gain more attention from potential sponsors for clinical trials, as well only to supply the biological products necessary to produce these therapies. .

Gregory Gores, Executive Dean of Kinney Research at Mayo Clinic, said “Mayo Clinic will advance regenerative technologies from discovery science to early phase clinical trials…Research in the emerging field of biotherapeutics throws the foundations for attracting the scientific workforce of the future”.

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Patent approval for a new Chinese bi-specific antibody developed by Hemogenyx Pharmaceuticals

Hemogenyx Pharmaceuticals (London, UK) announces the approval of a bi-specific antibody (CDX) for the preparation of the patient’s blood system prior to bone marrow transplantation. CDX will target a number of proteins found on the surface of hematopoietic stem cells known to promote the development of acute myeloid leukemia. Since current conditioning treatments, such as chemotherapy, are extremely intensive and can be harmful to healthy cells, the approval of this patent highlights a step in the right direction to improve survival rates.

Vladislav Sandler, CEO and co-founder of Hemogenyx Pharmaceuticals, said that “granting the patent right in the territory of China is important for the company because it protects the company’s intellectual property on one of the world’s largest markets and further asserts the company’s leadership position in the development of breakthrough therapies for the treatment of blood cancer and the conditioning of bone marrow and hematopoietic stem cells.

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