New procedure at UTMB Galveston treats prostate cancer without surgery or hospitalization

Galveston – New procedure at UTMB Galveston changes the way men can be treated for prostate cancer.

The treatment uses ultrasound technology to remove the cancer, but leaves the surrounding healthy tissue unharmed.

Joe Glass is one week away from having surgery on his prostate. Although he never went under the knife.

“I feel pretty good,” Glass explained.

Dr Eric Walser treated him with the new MRI treatment called TULSA-PRO.

The treatment uses focused ultrasound beams rather than needles.

“What it does is have the computer send these waves like a beacon from a lighthouse and destroy tissue by sweeping back and forth,” Dr Walser explained.

Patients like Joe never spend a night in the hospital. Aside from following up a week after the procedure to remove a catheter, he won’t need excessive repeat visits, explained Dr Walser.

Dr Walser said most men find the catheter inconvenient, but this is a minor inconvenience compared to the major impact traditional therapies could have on a man’s lifestyle.

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“They target the cancer and leave the prostate, you don’t have all the side effects like incontinence or erectile dysfunction or that sort of thing,” Glass said.

“These are pretty significant side effects, and we believe minimally invasive techniques like this [TULSA-PRO] are a way to really get over side effects and help young men who are still very active have normal lives, ”said Dr Walser.

Dr Walser also said that it can be used not only for cancer, but also for other prostate problems. Hear him explain the relief it can bring here:

Hear Dr. Walser explain how the new MRI treatment can be used in more than just cancer

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