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Strap: free breast and cervical cancer tests

Tribune press service

Jalandhar, July 4

The Rotary Club, Jalandhar West, today launched a cancer detection van that will travel from village to village to boost cancer-related medical care.

Called the mobile mammography unit, the van was launched in association with the Rotary Club of the District of Sudbury in Canada.

This van will go from village to village for the detection of breast cancer and cervical cancer and will organize weekly or monthly camps on demand for patients as needed. The van will also provide free vaccination for affected patients.

MP Pargat Singh opened the van today. An initiative of the Rotary Club, the van will be serviced by Dr KSG Memorial Charitable Society.

Dr SPS Grover said: “We have been working on the project for the past two years and it is good to see it come to fruition. The van is equipped with mammography unit and PAP smear equipment to detect cervical cancer. It will include a nurse, a driver, a technician and two doctors. He will visit various villages, urban areas and also hospitals that use the service. The company or panchayat calling the van will have to pay nominal diesel or technician fees of around Rs 5,000 for a camp. But none of the patients will be charged for the tests or the diagnosis. In addition to testing, up to 1,000 cervical cancer prevention vaccines will also be given to consenting girls in the 8-14 age group to prevent the disease. For the next few months, these vaccines will also be administered free of charge. We are planning weekly visits and at least two to three camps per month. The rest will depend on the demand of the panchayats and associations that call us.

Dr Grover said a cervical cancer vaccine costs Rs 4,000.

The van was sponsored by the Rotary Club Jalandhar West as well as the Rotary Club Sudbury Canada.

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