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Red Cross donates PPS to cancer patient

Red Cross donates PPS to cancer patient

Image for Representation/Building of the Nepal Red Cross Society in Kathmandu.

KATHMANDU: The Central Blood Transfusion Service of the Nepal Red Cross has provided single donor platelets (PSD) free of charge to Aashish Acharya, who is fighting against cancer.

Red Cross Executive Director Umesh Dhakal and Transfusion Service Director Dibyaraj Paudel visited Nepal Cancer Hospital, Harisiddhi and handed over the platelets worth Rs 25 000 to Aashish’s parents.

The director of the hospital, Swarupa Shrestha, helped the Red Cross to provide blood to cancer patient Aashish.

“We took the son to the Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Center in India, where his bone marrow was transplanted. Following this, problems occurred frequently. Here at the cancer hospital in Nepal, she needs a lot of platelets. It is like a blessing to us that the Red Cross is providing free platelets at a time when cells are scarce,” said Keshab, Aashish’s father.

The Red Cross has ramped up the production of SDPs by apheresis following the rise in dengue fever cases, Paudel said.

The service is available in a few parts of the country and the technology is expensive, he added.

Dengue fever and cancer patients mainly need PPS. Thus, federal and local government aid should provide SDPs at concessional rates, he said.

According to doctors, SDPs are more powerful than Random Donor Platelets (RDPs). One unit of SDP is equivalent to 6 to 8 units of RDP.

SDPs that are collected by a more efficient component separation system are less likely to carry other components like red blood cells.

Thus, they are available to be transfused to a patient of any blood type.


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