The man shaves his head to support his mother-in-law who is undergoing cancer treatment. Watch | Tendency

This video recently posted to Instagram by Good News Correspondent shows how a man shaves his head in solidarity with his mother-in-law as she begins cancer treatment.

All relationships are beautiful, especially those that do not exist by blood but by pure emotions. A video of a man and his mother-in-law has recently surfaced on Instagram and is slowly gaining momentum due to the pure emotions it contains. Posted by Good News Correspondent, this video is sure to have you reaching for the tissues.

The video opens to show the mother-in-law entering a room through a door and being pleasantly surprised and quite moved by her son-in-law. He can be seen with a shaved head which he made sure to get in order to support his wife’s loving mother. She recently lost all her hair due to cancer treatments.

The video was shared on Instagram with a caption that explains exactly what is happening in the video. It reads: “NOBODY FIGHTS ALONE: Son-in-law shaves his head in solidarity with his mother-in-law who has just started cancer treatment. A beautiful and uplifting surprise.” The video is likely to put a smile on your face and make you firmly believe in the power of humanity.

Watch the video right here:

The video was posted on Instagram just over 14 hours ago and has since prompted several comments from people who really appreciated the man’s gesture and wished the mother-in-law good luck in her recovery rapidly. It has also received over 17,800 views to date.

One Instagram user wrote: ‘Praying for a full recovery, please keep us posted’ ‘Hope you get well soon…everything will be fine,’ reads another comment. A third comment reads, “Sending you prayers.” “Never give up,” posted a fourth.

What do you think of this video from Good News Correspondent? Did it also make you emotional?

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