The Schneck Foundation donates new treatment chairs and iPads to the cancer center


Ann Akemon was talking to a friend who received chemotherapy at a location in Columbus that had heated chairs, iPads, and televisions.

Akemon was going to the Don and Dana Myers Cancer Center on the campus of Schneck Medical Center in Seymour for treatment for stage 4 colon cancer that has moved to his liver, and that facility had the same treatment chairs from his opened in 2007.

The Columbus resident thought it was time for an upgrade, so she shared her thoughts with officials at Schneck. The same goes for other cancer patients.

“This place is beautiful. The nurses here are wonderful. I love everything about it. But I noticed it was a bit overwhelmed, so I thought, “Why not give it a try? “I asked for new chairs,” Akemon said.

The result? The Schneck Foundation donated 12 new treatment chairs and 12 new iPads to the cancer center for a total cost of $ 57,000.

“It’s a really nice place, and these chairs are just an added bonus,” Akemon said. “If you have to do chemo, let’s make it the best possible environment for you to do it. “

She likes the remote to recline the chairs and the three heated seat options.

“The power button for these people is wonderful,” Akemon said. “The USB port to plug in your phone, often you are bored here and you want something to do, so you can play on your phone, you have a TV screen. “

She looks forward to the cancer center receiving the iPads as well.

“A lot of people who come in, they have nothing to do, and the iPad will be great,” she said, noting that patients will be able to chat or FaceTime with their friends and family who cannot be there. with them. . “That will be great.”

Stephanie Flinn, Executive Director of the Schneck Foundation, said it was appropriate that the foundation played a role in the new chairs, as she was also instrumental in establishing the cancer center.

After receiving a few calls about the old chairs and realizing it was time to upgrade, Flinn spoke to Kristin Hines, director of the cancer center, who said she had also received feedback on the chairs from patients.

Hines applied for a grant and the application was presented to the foundation board in the spring. Eventually he was approved.

The COVID-19 pandemic delayed receiving the chairs, and they finally arrived a few weeks ago.

“Caring together is what we do, and it’s a privilege to be able to connect our donors to projects like these as we work with Schneck to improve the health of our communities,” said Flinn.

Hines said she had received comments from staff at the cancer center about the colors and amenities of the chairs.

“It’s a Cadillac chair,” she said, referring to the shift from basic, difficult-to-use and less comfortable recliners to chairs with remote control, heated seats, USB port and adjustable tray.

“We asked the foundation to give us 12 where when we grow up we can also have extra chairs or just for more comfort,” Hines said. “If someone isn’t feeling well on the radiation side, they can sit comfortably.”

Hines has already received positive feedback from patients.

“They love them and they love the heated seat,” she said with a smile.

Katie Boswell, a pivot nurse at the cancer center, demonstrated how the chairs tilt and both sides open to give patients three ways out.

“These chairs are super beautiful,” she said. “I just want to thank the Schneck Foundation for this, and we would like everyone to remember that you can get care near you.”

Laura Kirtley, chairman of the board of the Schneck Foundation, said the board was honored to be invited to fund the new chairs.

“We wanted to buy the best,” she said. “When you come here to this treatment center, you want the best, so these chairs are perfect for the people here. When you can sit in a chair like this and feel like your chair at home, you can’t do better than this. So relax and let the healing process take place.

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