Trial launched for a chemoprotective agent to treat non-small cell lung cancer


In early July, Aileron Therapeutics, Inc. announced that it had started a clinical trial focusing on a chemoprotective agent for the treatment of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). The treatment is called ALRN-6924 and is intended for patients on first-line carboplatin plus pemetrexed with or without immune checkpoint inhibitors.

ALRN-6924 protects healthy cells in cancer patients with p53 mutations. It works by chemoprotection, reducing or ridding the patient of side effects resulting from chemotherapy while maintaining the beneficial effects of chemotherapy.

“Proactive protection of patients from chemotherapy-induced toxicities that impact bone marrow cells and other cells throughout the body aligns closely with our mission to improve health and quality of life. of patients, ”said Dr. Nashat Gabrail, founder of the Gabrail Cancer Center and President of Innovative Community Oncology Practices (ICOP), as well as an author of the trial, in a press release. “This is a significantly unmet need that affects almost all patients who undergo chemotherapy. When developing treatment strategies for cancer patients today, the use of targeted therapies is certainly preferred where possible.

Aileron plans to enroll 60 patients in the Phase 1b trial, who will receive either the treatment or a placebo for four cycles of treatment. The researchers hope to assess the treatment’s safety profile and response rates.

“This NSCLC trial represents an important advancement in our clinical development strategy, as it involves an indication of mutated p53 cancer that affects one of the largest cancer patient populations, and it is our first randomized, duplicate trial. blind, placebo-controlled, ”said Dr. Manuel Aivado, president and CEO of Aileron, in the statement.

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