Turkish Professor Dr Muge Gundogdu Specialized Diagnostics in Pediatric Hematology and Oncology

Famous Turkish hematologist Prof. Muge arrived in Lahore and diagnosed the thalassemia patients in a private hotel.

On this occasion, she had said that I am a hematologist specializing in children and that I have been offering services in this field for fifteen years. She also said that I managed to enlighten the life of young trees after performing hundreds of operations. The friendship between Turkey and Pakistan is unprecedented. I came here to share different experiences with local doctors regarding children’s blood disorders and thalassemia. Major cases of thalassemia mainly exist in Pakistan.

For bone marrow transplant, it is necessary to open a bank in Pakistan. In the Turkish medical department developed to help Pakistan, famous Professor Sergen Muge, appointed at Memorial Cancer Hospital, Turki, organized a medical camp to diagnose patients suffering from hemophilia, thalassemia and blood disorders, and hundreds of patients have had their medical examination. verification.

Turkish Memorial Hospital Surgeon May also said that I am extremely happy to visit Pakistan as our goal is to take care of your children’s health. We have a bank of donors and we can help people in need to find the donor in any part of the world as well as in Turkish territory. People who made it to the camp said they had the best screening facilities for the duration of the camp.

The professor also explained that before getting married, the thalassemia test should be performed as it would be helpful in the treatment of thalassemia and haemophilia. Additionally, the report released by the local organization states that approximately 100,000 patients suffer from thalassemia and haemophilia as well as other blood disorders. Patients affected by these diseases should have regular blood transfusions and iron chelation after consulting a qualified hematologist.

But, regular diagnostic exams on a monthly basis are unaffordable for poor communities in Pakistan. Hence, Muge arrived here in Pakistan to help the poor and needy in Lahore and all over Pakistan. In addition, she also explained that bone marrow transplant in children should be done before the age of five and for those who need bone marrow transplant, there should be a transplant bank there. -low.

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