Will these celebrities be on television anytime soon?

I was surprised at the start of the Showtime of My Life year – Jigen Crips stars the German TV audience: in the multi-part series of events, celebrities such as, among others Merga from Mont (45), Lily Paul Roncale (23) and yukun shrub (43) To draw attention to cancer prevention. This fair will be held again this year – And those stars should be there this time!

like photo on sunday There are reports that filming of the new episodes should begin as early as next week. Among other things, it is claimed that there are: Lily Baker (45), Susan Sidropoulos (41) and Shaheen (35) On Female Appearances – as well as actors Jan Sosniuk (53) pop star Mickey Krause (51) and a former handball Chicken Pascal (41 years old) Men’s show. The celebrities are scheduled to meet next Wednesday before they start training a day later.

The main reason “Showtime of my Life” can make a difference is due to a condition Nadine Engrers (43) Ms. Magdalena is shown. Thanks for watching. And Magdalena returned to the gynecologist, who discovered viruses that indicate cervical cancer. He said, “It was a coincidence. Everything is crazy. I urged you to go to the doctor for an exam and then, ” Nadine after what happened.

Lily Baker in November 2019

Hein Hartmann / Future Image / ActionPress

Pascal Chicken, the 2020 world darts champion
Nadine Angerer with his wife Magdalena

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